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The End of the Nation State and Rise of the Superstate?

With Spanish house prices still falling, the implications for Iberian bank balance sheets are obvious. A million properties remain unsold. Spanish television is being pretty open about about the massive pressure on Madrid, but there is an undercurrent to all of it suggesting that Spain could break up as a nation. After all, if the … Continue reading

Originally posted on Soundmigration:
“WE, the working poor, the unemployed, the people with the material least have a functional value is neoliberal society. We aren’t just blackmailed or threatened. We are the blackmail, we are the threat. We are Ghosts. You might see us, you might recognise us, Shit, you might even tweet us.  But…

Iceland Grows in Strength by Purging Banking Parasites

Iceland is showing the world what real independence from the bankers means. The Nordic island has become the first country to criminally charge a world leader as a result of the 2008 economic crisis. Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde, 73, was found guilty of ‘failing to adequately inform other Icelandic officials of events that led … Continue reading

The Road to Economic Slavery

As economist Michael Hudson points out, the European debt crisis is really the product of financial warfare instigated by big banks. Yes, these banks are engaged in warfare against the rest of society. What’s going on in Greece is exactly what’s going to happen in America very shortly. Why? Because in every industrialized country, the big … Continue reading

Punk Economics

David McWilliams, Irish economist, gives us our first lesson in punk economics. Irish economist David McWilliams explains the ECB’s massive cash for trash scheme — bailing out banks with your money in Lesson 2. Irish Economist David McWilliams discusses the dangers of playing games with liquidity in Lesson 3.

Welcome to Post Ireland

Welcome to Post Ireland. To kick things off we thought we would start with an excellent video which encapsulates the situation the country finds itself in called ‘Romantic Ireland: From The Streets. ‘Romantic Ireland: From The Streets’ is an exhibition of art work hung at Anglo Irish HQ, North Wall Quay, Dublin. Anglo Irish Bank … Continue reading